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•VT300 入门级GPS车载定位器
•professional GPS vehicle tracker VT310BB
•CAN GPS车载定位器VT680
CAN GPS车载定位器VT680
AVL系统的使用与GSM / GPRS的/ SMS和卫星-车辆定位装置-全球卫星定位跟踪系统Vechicle
GPS车载防盗定位器 >> CAN GPS车载定位器VT680

CAN GPS tracker VT680 is designed for high end application such as truck tracker, taxi tracker and black box application, can work with 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.VT680 can has 4 digital input ,4 digital output, 2 analog input, 3 serial RS232 port, build-in battery and flash. The device has a 3-axis acceleration sensor to detect vehicle’s fast startup and stop. With CAN bus bridge, the VT680 CAN GPS tracker can read accurate vehicle status data(fuel consumption, engine RPM, axles weight ,etc) .Can work with SD card, to store journey info and send journey info wireless.  With input pulse counter ,the device VT680 can calculate mileage info very accurate (less than 1m) . With printer, the journey info can also be print out.

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