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Author:admin Time:2006-1-7 9:22:16

Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a spectacular Hong Kong investment company, is a GPS technology as the core of the high-tech companies. GPS We have more than a decade of professional design and development experience in the design team, long-term commitment to the broad popular use of GPS products.

RedView company with excellent design capability to develop different products to meet the diverse needs of market segments, shortening product design cycles to meet the customer customization purposes, become the customers the best choice for GPS applications.

We specialize in the integration of global positioning satellite (GPS), wireless mobile communications (GSM / GPRS), as well as personal belongings tracking system, in particular, introduction of ultra low-cost DIY-based GPS tracking control system plan.
We are familiar with intelligent tracking management platform design and development, such as: vehicle tracking and service center establishment and management of scheduling, special vehicles (taxis, armored cars, construction vehicles police cars, tour buses, etc.), employees attendance, children and senior citizens help protect the collection, as well as items / stadium / expensive equipment ..... the establishment of real-time tracking monitoring system to provide customers with the most professional of the location tracking service.

The formation of our own high-specification manufacturing center and quality center, our products offer the best and smooth quality control. The future, we insist on constant innovation, careful management, dedicated and customer mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship and to strengthen GPS core technology development capability to develop feature updates and better quality, lower price products.

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GPS Personal&Asset Tracker--Automatics Vehicle Locator --Heavy Equipment Tracker&Monitor--GPS tracking platform
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