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Moto200 Tracker
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Moto200 Tracker



1 GPS antenna, GSM antenna built-in design, easy installation
2 for container tracking and positioning the design, full account of the use of container features, compared to ordinary vehicle tracking devices, the special requirements for container tracking done a full optimization.

3 up to 10 circular magnets strong adsorption of the installation, installation and removal very easy, very applicable to require frequent disassembly tracker vehicle location-based services

4 light perception real-time Anti-demolition Alarm design,

5 Support 5 battery-powered, support for external power supply and charging

6 low standby power consumption, long standby time, three kinds of standby mode
       (Using a 9 on the 5th battery, can continuously stand-by 60 days)

7-round high-end waterproof design, (up to IP68 waterproof standard), perfectly suited to long-term outdoor use


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GPS Personal&Asset Tracker--Automatics Vehicle Locator --Heavy Equipment Tracker&Monitor--GPS tracking platform
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