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GPS tracking platform
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•DIY ultra-low-cost
DIY ultra-low-cost
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GPS tracking platform >> DIY ultra-low-cost

Low cost DIY center system based on SMS.
DIY your tracking!!!
Low Cost GPS call center!!!
Build your control center system
 on your PC at low cost


    This DIY(Do it yourself) system was specially developed for Redview GPS Trackers. With this application software, + RedView GPS Tracker, +RT200 SMS Decoder Modem , you will be able to use your own PC to track the position of your loved one without the need of a call center. For example, you can use this system to monitor your child, the elders, the pets, your car, or the assets installed with our GPS Tracker - live and real-time.  Without any payment to the call center.
This application software enables you to use Google Earth to track your vehicle(s) LIVE & Real-Time in office or home by your own PC; without the call center.  It can also replay the historical route(s) afterwards.


1  Build your own control center system at very low cost;

2  DIY your tracking, and Without any payment to center service;

3  Easily support up to 500 GPS Trackers;
4  Support the trace storage and replay;

5.  Living and Real time;
6.  Easily use, a good choice for small enterprise, home, small group.
7.  The customers can select their faviorate map by themselves

DIY System Introduction
    RedView GPS provide one low cost solution help you build your control center system on your PC, which is very cheaper than other center system.

 You NEED:    ----  ( very low cost)
     (1)  Google Earth Plus  ( )
                     Or any other navigation map software (PC version)
     (2) one PC
     (3)RT200 SMS modem  ( provided by RedView GPS)
     (4) RViewTracker software  on PC (provided by RedView GPS freely)
     (5) Some RedView Tracker.   ( provided by RedView GPS)
System structure

Software Interface


Google earth

you can use your own local map to link our DIY system, like this:

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