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GPS vehicle tracking
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•3G GPS vehicle tracker VT600
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3G GPS vehicle tracker VT600
GPS personal tracker - Personal Tracking system- GPS personal locator-GPS GSM GPRS personal tracking
GPS vehicle tracking >> 3G GPS vehicle tracker VT600

Track VT600 is designed for high end application such as taxi tracker and driver identification system.VT600 can has 4 digital input ,4 digital output, with supporting to  detect engine is off/on, door open and so on. VT600 has 2 ananlog input,with supporting to   fuel consumption detection,temperature detection.The device has a motion sensor,with supporting to moving/park mode transfer to save traffic cost. What is more,the device can support intelligent tracking,including time tracking,distance tracking and angle based tracking.This device has 2 serial RS232 port,can support keyboard,RFID reader and CCD cemera.

 全球定位系统  Global Positioning System
Real-time dynamic reporting based on time intervals or distance driving
   Data Logger,
building in 8M memory




Panic button to call the Board




Over Speed alert



Personal Geography network capability, and input / output report




Temperature Detection



Fuel level detection



Virtual Odometer



RFID reader



camera picture taken



  SIRF III high sensitivity GPS receiver   Tracking via UMTS/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS/GSM/TCP/UDP/SMS
  Current location report   Programmable position request by  time  or angel interval
  8M Build-in memory for data logging   Speed management
  Internal Geo-Fence   Internal Li-Ion battery
  Build-in motion sensor for save traffic cost   Working with DNS
Discrete Inputs: 3 negative trigger discrete input Discrete inputs: 2 positive trigger discrete input
  Discrete output: 4 discrete output   Analog port: 2 analog port
Serial RS232 port: 2 RS232 port  Mileage accumulation 



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GPS Personal&Asset Tracker--Automatics Vehicle Locator --Heavy Equipment Tracker&Monitor--GPS tracking platform
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