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GPS trailer tracker

HE2000 is a GPS tracker especially designed for trailers, containers ,heavy equipment, inventory, train cars, cash and vending machines, cash carrier , boats.  With internal battery, the device can keep work at long as 1 year. With internal GPS/GSM antennas, build-in zip tie holes, IP 67 protection  the device is installation free and highly durable. Internal 3 axis G-sensor make HE2000 capable detect movement of assets and enables different transmission rates for a moving asset and a standing asset. The internal gyroscope make the device get position even no GPS signal . With internal SD card, the device can store report up to 2 years.  The optional report with AES-128 data encryption make this device ideal choice for cash carrier tracking. The device  has internal temperature sensor  and air pressure sensor also .

 克  GSM / GPRS  全球定位系统  Global Positioning System
Quad Band
850/900/1800/1900 Mhz




IP 67 waterproof




Long battery life, up to 1 year



Easy installation ,internal antennas, tie holes




Internal temperature sensor



Internal gyroscope



AES-128 data encryption







Data communication by SMS/USSD/GPRS/TCP/UDP

Long battery life , can keep work 1 year when report each day

4 digital inputs,2 digital outputs,2 analog inputs

Optional report with AES-128 data encryption

Internal 8G SD card, can store report each 1 second, can store up to 2 years

Internal GSM antenna and GPS antenna

Highly durable IP67 waterproof casing

Internal 3 axis G-sensor for impact/crash measuring

Internal gyroscope for get position even no GPS signal

Internal temperature sensor

Data acquisition by I/O data

Easily installation, build-in zip tie holes

Virtual odometer

FOTA firmware update via GPRS from FTP server
































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