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BTE-30-self fitting hearing aid

Hearing Aids with Noise Reduction
App control, self-fitting function
Bluetooth Hearing Aids with Smart APP Control
High Capacity Battery Case
Comfortable Wearing Experience
Four Modes of Ear Hearing Aid Devices


Smartphone App (iOS/Android)
Personal each ear independently via the App
Control EQ settings for optimal audio experience
3-in-1 Multifunction Charging Case
Mini Portable Charging Case
Anti-Bacterial UV lighting
Binaural Bluetooth connection for calling and streaming
Water resistant
Nano Coating repels liquid
Mechanical IPX6
 [Hearing Aids with Noise Reduction] :Yeshearingaid hearing aids built-in intelligent chip and dual micphone own the function of multi-directional noise reduction . The chip divides sounds to different channel frequencies which improving noise cancellation and feedback suppression removal significantly .Yeshearingaid hearing aid that works for over 94% of Americans with mild to Severe hearing loss. It’s advanced design allows almost anyone focused sound without the background noise.
• [Customizing your hearing with Hearing Test] : Yeshearingaid Smart APP for hearing aids comes with hearing test can check your degree of hearing loss to Automatically personalizes the settings for your specific hearing without going out to visit audiologists.Recommend take the hearing test in a quiet room at first time. it will test your right and left ears individually. and then it will generate accurate Hearing evaluation and Automatically keep your settings up to match up to your hearing.
• [Bluetooth Hearing Aids with Smart APP Control]:Yeshearingaid Hearing Aids can connect directly to smartphone apps by bluetooth, therefore. it’s very easy to adjust the sound settings, programming mode and sound frequency on the button or APP. It will be more convenient for Seniors who is not easy to dealing tiny things. On the other hands , it makes you easy to talk and listen on your cellphone without holding your smartphone up to your ear. Fully control of hearing experience by yourself.
• [High Capacity Battery Case]: Fully charged within 2 hours and the hearing aids can be used for more than 14 hours. there will be 60 hours back up power in the charging base for charging 2 hearing aids about 2 times. The chargers come with over charging protection circuit so that you don’t need to worry about overcharging. in addition, you can monitor device battery capacity from APP. You don’t worry about hearing aids run out of power suddenly result in impacting your daily any more.

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Pitch-BTE-10 bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids

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