Redview Hearing


Affordable, targeting at mild-to-moderate user
In-the-ear Hearing Aid
Over The Counter hearing aid

Upgraded Chip, 12-channels Digital Hearing Aids
Easy to Use, Simple One Touch Button for All Operations
Longer Battery Life and Portable Fast Charging
CIC Hearing Aids, Almost Invisible



CIC (Completely In Canal) Digital 4 channels
For mild to moderate hearing loss
Volume Control Push Button
4 Programs for different types of hearing loss
(1.Pantonal;2.Presbycusis;3. High frequencies;4.Low frequencies)
Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Speech-enhancing algorithms
Noise reduction, feedback cancellation
Power bank charging case can provide twice full charges
Hearing Aids Color: Beige/ Red/ Blue
Charging Case Color: Black / White


Technical parameter

Type:CIC (Completely In Canal)
Net Weight: 1.91g / ea
App: N / A
Bluetooth: N / A
Max output (dB): 112
Max full on gain at 30dB: 37
Frenquency response bandwidth: 250-6000Hz
The total harmonic distortion: ≤3%
Self-generated noise: ≤30dB
Latency value: ≤5ms
Frequency response smoothness: <10dB
Channel: 4
Bands: 12
Charge style: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion
battery, with power bank charging case
Using time for one time charge: 20 Hours
Charge box charging aids: Yes
Accessories: 6 pairs of 2 types ear domes
(small, medium and large size), a charge cable,
an adaptor, a cleaning brush, an ear wax guard
Peak OSPL90: 108dB
THD at 500Hz: ≤3%
OSPL90-HFA(dB SPL): 102±3dB
THD at 800Hz: ≤3%
Peak Gain(dB): 30±3dB
THD at 1600Hz: ≤3%
HFA/FOG(dB): 26±3dB
Frequency Range: F1≤500Hz,
EQ Input NOISE(dB): ≤30dB
Battery Size: Lithium
Battery Capacity (mAh): 20

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